On Philosophers

“Several times now, people whom I had formerly thought of as friends and colleagues have referred to me as, of all things, a philosopher. I can only interpret this title as the deepest of insults. To be a philosopher is to create nothing of value, to go through life shamelessly crowing nonsense in a misguided attempt to be clever. Philosophy is a thorough waste of time, an attempt to wring meaning from reality like blood from a stone, and when no blood emerges, they insist that there is meaning in that as well. To be a failed philosopher is to die of poverty, and to be a successful one is to die of shame. Do not become a philosopher, and I pray, however deluded you may be, do not think of me one. Allow me the simple pleasure of wasting my life in obscurity, speaking as I will, and causing no one other then myself to suffer for it."

- Thremenew Wretch, Beggar-King of the Red City