Ghost Moss

As any ectobiologist worth their salt circle knows, ghosts naturally undergo energy decay as they age. This process takes a very long time, on the order of anywhere from several decades to tens of thousands of years, but all ghosts eventually fade. (This is why every inch of the earth is not covered in wandering souls, despite the living being greatly outnumbered by the dead!)

As ghosts go through the various stages of their degradation, they take a variety of forms. Last is of course, ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is the primordial spirit-stuff, pseudomatter without any remaining consciousness or signs of post-life. But one step above ectoplasm, is the phenomenon known as ghost moss.

When an area is particularly saturated with spectral activity (ruins, graveyards, battlefields, etc.), and has been left to sit for a long enough time, the ghosts residing there will eventually dissolve into what is commonly referred to as “ghost moss”. Ghost moss is bluish-white, semi-transparent, semi-corporeal, and emits a faint glow. The moss retains a faint sort of vegetable consciousness, being composed of hundreds of individual souls that have all rotted down into a single entity which possesses only the faintest awareness of its surroundings. (To say that ghosts “rot” is not entirely accurate. The degradation process is not rotting, more of a loss of fidelity as the information decays. More simply put, a ghost is to ectoplasm as a clear television broadcast is to static.) Experts believe that the souls that make up ghost moss now only experience a warm and eternal peace, similar to the dream of a child inside the womb.

The light the moss emits is soft, pleasant, and said to have a calming effect. So next week, in order to further study these effects, we’ll be collecting some samples and making ghost moss terrariums! Please read pages one-twenty-five to one-forty-three in Tobin’s Spirit Guide, and I’ll see you all on monday!

- Transcript of a lecture given 9/25/2009 by Dr. Amelia Warren, during her class “Ectobiology: The Science of Post-Life”