Twenty Bog Spells

  1. Summon Moss Golem - The swamp boils beneath you, and a humanoid mass of rotting vegetable matter rises to your aid.
  2. Combine Frogs - Combine two or more frogs into a single Multitoad with the same number of legs, eyes, and mouths as the component frogs. Roll 1d8 to determine the maximum number of frogs you can combine without loosing control of the Multitoad.
  3. Lungs of Axolotl - Grow feathery frills around your neck which allow you to breathe underwater for 1d4 hours.
  4. Turn Wood to Mud - One touch turns a wooden object of any size to rich black mud. Wood must be unvarnished for spell to take effect.
  5. Stagnate - Cause an object or being to become frozen in place, as long as they are standing in or above a pool of still water. Effect lasts until the surface of the water is disturbed.
  6. Reverse Purification - All the impurities in a body of water are collected into a small but incredibly dense stinking mire, making the remainder of the water clean and safe to drink.
  7. Bacterial Cocktail - Turn any liquid into a veritable slurry of infectious waterborne diseases. Effective as a poison.
  8. Smothering Humidity - Release a cloud of unbearably warm and sticky air, halving the movement speed of anyone within a 30ft radius. Also makes it difficult to light fires, and has a 1-in-4 chance of putting out any fires that have already been lit.
  9. Algae Bridge - Summon a thick mat of pond scum, strong enough to walk on, on the surface of any body of water. Water must have some amount of pre-existing vegetation in it for spell to take effect.
  10. Crocodile Armor - Your skin becomes rough and bumpy, with a strength equivalent to hide armor. Crocodiles will think you are mocking them and attack on sight.
  11. Feet of Water Strider - You become able to walk on the surface of any still body of water as if it were a solid object. Lasts for 2d6 minutes.
  12. Breath of Flies - You are able to retch forth a black cloud of mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects to attack your enemies.
  13. Turtle Hut - A specially prepared turtle shell can be thrown down where it will magically turn into a small hut with warm fire inside. Objects can be stored inside the shell, and the hut will shrink back down to turtle-shell size when exited.
  14. Summon Garbage - The marsh offers to you its long-sunken treasures. Roll a d6. 1 - bottles and cans, 2 - broken TV, 3 - dead body, 4 - washer/dryer, 5 - refrigerator, 6 - sick van. Everything is in the condition you'd expect after being submerged in swamp water for several years.
  15. Turn Undead (Self) - By entering a magically induced coma and submerging yourself in a peat bog for several years, you are able to mummify yourself and become a powerful Bog Lich.
  16. Eutrophic Portal - Turn any pool of murky green-brown water into a swirling green-brown portal, which can exit into any other pool of murky green-brown water within 1d4 miles. You will get wet.
  17. Cattail Whisper - Whisper a message into a blob of cattail fluff, and release it on the wind. It will find its designated recipient and get caught in their hair, releasing your message.
  18. Peaceful Lilly - Commune with frogs and meditate on top of a lillypad, restoring 1d4 of health for each hour of meditation.
  19. Salamander Skin - Your skin begins to excrete poison, which is damaging when skin contact is made, and fatal when ingested. You are immune to your own poison, of course.
  20. Bullfrog Pouch - Grow a large, inflated pouch on your throat, which while inflated, allows your own mouth to function as a bag of holding. You can't put anything inside you can't fit through your mouth. The pouch is semitransparent and you can see everything inside it.