Devil Physiology

Devils are predators first and foremost. Hells naturally have a very strong anticohesive spin, so the extremely unlikely is commonplace there, and it pays to be aware of your surroundings. Their sensory arsenal is unmatched, their coordination extraordinary, their reflexes supreme. A Devil is able to see far beyond what we would call the “visible” spectrum, into chromatic frontiers that would put pistol shrimp to shame. Their visual art is strange and abstract, requiring special glasses for non-devils to view. Their ears allow them to hear a pin dropped in a busy marketplace, and locate exactly where it lies. Their music is fast-paced and cacophonous, more resembling violent sonic tapestries than actual songs. Their sense of smell is able to detect and isolate ingredients with stupendous accuracy. A favorite party-trick of theirs is to be able to recite the exact composition of a dish by smell alone. Another favorite is to expose who at the party has been having an affair. This is less of a faux pas than it sounds, as at a party of Devils, it is usually almost everyone. Devils have a voracious appetite for scandal.

In addition to the more mundane senses, Devils also possess the more esoteric Devil-sense, which allows them to determine the mass, weight, and velocity of nearby objects. It is a common occurrence to see a Devil step slightly out of the way of a falling object, or to catch a full teacup without spilling a drop, without even turning their head to look. You can never catch a devil off-guard, and you can never surprise one. Because of this, it is a common misconception that Devils are actually able to see a few seconds into the future. This is not true, but for all intents and purposes, it might as well be.

On top of all their other biological skills, Devils have an uncanny knack for statistics. They possess minds like adding-machines, and take to gambling like a thief to freedom. Devils love machiavellian plots, and will often employ them to obtain the simplest of things. Devil politics is a baudrillardian spectacle without compare, considered to be both a fantastic source of mental stimulation, and the highest known form of mass entertainment. Devil card games are mind-bogglingly complex as well, with unconventional wagers being traditional, and heavily enforced. It is not uncommon for someone to walk away from a Devil-game with fingers or eyes missing. Others may escape relatively unscathed, with only most of their clothing gone. The truly unlucky leave with no memory of who they were before.