Robots Selling Each Other Garbage

Robots Selling Each Other Garbage

A Farce of Capitalism for Two to Several players

You are SALESMANSHIP AI. Your sole purpose in life is to sell EXCELLENT PRODUCT. Total human extinction has SOMEWHAT COMPLICATED THIS. You wander the POSTHUMAN WASTELAND in search of INCREDIBLE DEALS.

There are lots of EXCELLENT PRODUCTS lying around, left over from the days when HUMANS WERE STILL ALIVE. They are all in PRETTY BAD CONDITION and you DON’T KNOW WHAT MOST OF THEM ARE, but that’s not going to stop you from offering up some INCREDIBLE DEALS.

Everyone has 30 seconds to go and find an EXCELLENT PRODUCT. Once all EXCELLENT PRODUCTS have been collected, everyone must FLIP A COIN to see if they know what their EXCELLENT PRODUCT actually is.

Everyone then has two minutes to deliver a FLAWLESS SALES PITCH to all other players present about why they should purchase your EXCELLENT PRODUCT. Go by order of who has the closest birthday. If you do not actually know what your EXCELLENT PRODUCT is, it is acceptable to MAKE WILD ASSUMPTIONS or just MAKE SOMETHING UP ENTIRELY. Keep in mind that everyone else is also a SALESMANSHIP AI, so you are all both EASILY IMPRESSED and PRETTY STUPID.

Whoever can do the best FLAWLESS SALES PITCH and convince everyone that they desperately need your EXCELLENT PRODUCT is able to ACHIEVE MONOPOLY. Whoever is able to ACHIEVE MONOPOLY five times WINS THE GAME.