The Coat of Many Pockets

The Coat of Many Pockets is a magical coat with an infinite number of sides, and thus an infinite number of pockets. When you take the coat off and turn it inside out, it transforms into a new coat, entirely different in appearance, and with a new set of empty pockets. The coat effectively functions as a bag of holding, for while it has an infinite number of pockets, and an infinite amount of storage, you will only ever feel the weight of the objects in the pockets of the coat you are currently wearing. However, the process of turning the coat inside out takes at least a few seconds, so this can be inconvenient if you decide to store items several dozen coats deep and need to retrieve them in a situation where time is of the essence.

The coat can be turned inside out in either direction, from left-to-right or right-to-left. Each direction will yield a different coat, and all coats can be turned back to by reversing the direction. So, if you were wearing a red coat and turned it inside out left-to-right to reveal a blue coat, you could go back to the red coat by turning the blue one inside out right-to-left. Once any new coat has been discovered, that coat stays the same, and occupies the same place in the order. Even if a coat is several “layers” down from whatever coat is currently on the “surface”, the items in the pockets will remain unchanged and unharmed. The real difficulty in storing any object is remembering where you left it.

Generating descriptions for each new coat

(This is only a base, which you can discard entirely if you wish. Go buck wild.)

Roll a d8 to determine the number of pockets on any new coat.

Cut (roll 2d8)

1. Trench Coat
2. Varsity Jacket
3. Eisenhower Jacket
4. Cape
5. Parka
6. Windbreaker
7. Overcoat
8. Bomber jacket

9. Leather jacket
10. Pea coat
11. Duster
12. Blazer
13. Suit jacket
14. Flak jacket
15. Duffle coat
16. Raincoat

Color/Material (roll 2d12)

1. Red
2. Blue
3. Black
4. Brown
5. Yellow
6. White
7. Orange
8. Green
9. Violet
10. Pink
11. Navy
12. Denim

13. Leather
14. Corduroy
15. Flannel
16. Silk
17. Wool
18. Pinstriped
19. Damask
20. Herringbone
21. Plaid
22. Houndstooth
23. Paisley
24. Patchwork

Description (roll a d20, pick 2 of these)

1. Frayed
2. Two-colored
3. Embroidered
4. Hooded
5. Warm
6. Marbled Lining
7. Epaulets
8. Bulletproof
9. Waterproof
10. Fireproof

11. Iron-on patches
12. Pin-on buttons
13. Silver/gold buttons
14. Back Patch
15. Aiguillette
16. Service ribbons
17. Medals
18. Piping
19. Fringe
20. Player’s Choice

Forgotten Things

More often than not, a Coat of Many Pockets will have had previous owners, who will have left something in one of the infinite pockets. Whether or not it’s something useful depends on your definition of useful. Roll a d20.

1-17. Nothing and/or garbage. Balls of lint, a crumpled up grocery list, loose change, an old boot, a rock with eyes and a face painted on it.

18. A mundane item. Some minor possession, lost by a former owner. A pair of glasses, an umbrella, a set of dice, a bag of marbles, some leather goggles, a matchbox.

19. A useful item. Something that has a clear and obvious use to an adventurer. Some arrows, an unlit torch, a minor healing potion, a flint and tinder, a length of rope.

20. A significant item. A plot hook, a small amount of treasure, or anything else that would be fun and interesting. A book with a hidden compartment, a tiny music box, the former owner’s diary, a cache of gold coins, a stone carving of an unknown being.