The Hot Dark Room

The Hot Dark Room has no windows and no doors, nor vents or openings of any kind. You may not enter nor leave.

The air in The Hot Dark Room is still. Your breaths are heavy and labored.

The Hot Dark Room is as wide and long as it is tall. It is not large enough to stand, or even to sit upright.

The walls of The Hot Dark Room are thick, and padded so as to absorb sound. You can hear nothing beyond them.

And most importantly, the Hot Dark Room is dark. And it is hot.

Golem Stones

There exists a peculiar custom among golems. When they are young, only a hundred or so years old, a golem will find a fist-sized stone and carve into it a simple shape. They will then travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to find a place to leave it. This location is often isolated, far from the influence of any civilization, in the heartwood of the forest or deep within the plains. They will not bury it, or attempt to conceal it in any way.